Building Local Communities by Recognizing Local Relationships

Townie™ is dedicated to building local relationships among the community by limiting interaction to a specified radius. Are you trying to find a group in your area with similar interests? What if you could find those groups within 10 miles of your current location? With Townie™ you can.  

Make new friends that are actually local with our check-in and chat feature. You will be able to chat with other people who are checked into the same place you are. Someone you find interesting? Add them as a Townie Friend and you can choose to use friend finder in the future to see if they are near by.

Townie™ is giving our users the most current and relevant based on their location data to encourage meeting people and finding everything that you need in your area. 

Local deals for shops, restaurants and services

Happy hours

Local groups and interests

Event Information 

Check in and Chat with other checked in users 

 Townie™ is all about local. No friend requests from people 100 miles away. Make friends and see friends that are in your area. 

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Localizing City by City

Currently Townie™ is releasing in four cities in Southern Minnesota. Northfield, Faribault, Rochester & Mankato. If you would like business information and advertising information for Townie™ please send email to 

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